Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Links

As promised, here a some links to a few articles I've enjoyed recently:

From Good Wine Under $20:
Dr. Debs enjoys Jeff from Good Grape's domaine547 blogger pack "A trip to Alsace via Oregon" and tries a few wines from the Brooks Winery in Oregon. Quite a compelling story and the wines sound intriguing as well. Its times like this that I curse Michigan law.

From Fermentation:

Tom writes about a distributor merger in Illinois that is more than a little disconcerting to those of use who dont think State sponsored monopolies are good for consumers. Of course, its hard to believe that anyone would think they are good, except of course the companies and the legislators on their payroll...


Finally, From Dr. Vino:

Here is more in the Jefferson Wine bottles drama. To those of you who havent been following this story (and I doubt there are any reading this blog who arent), here is the latest installment:

Cant wait to see it on the big screen!!

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Jill said...

Sorry you can't get your Good Grape pack...hopefully Tom Wark will help take care of these pesky laws as we'd love to get some of that awesome Brooks Riesling to you. In the meantime, see if Brooks can send wine your way. I know wineries often have more leeway than retailers when it comes to shipping. Cheers!